Why join us

T.A. Monroe is a B2B agency that prizes science-based frameworks, proof-driven solutions, and doing what works. We grow as a team, love to learn, and believe personal growth is as essential as professional success.

Even though T.A. Monroe is based in New York City, USA, this job is remote; hence we are accepting applications from candidates worldwide. Please submit your resume in English only, and apply only if you speak, read, and write English fluently.

We are looking for a seasoned Head of Paid Media & Paid Social Performance with 5+ years of professional experience in a digital agency space. You will Lead, Manage and be Accountable for the performance of all clients and across all media & social channels like LinkedIn, Google, Meta & Microsoft Bing Ads. You will lead our highly experienced team.


  1. Performance Ownership
    1. Take ownership of meeting & exceeding the expectations & goals of all clients.
    2. Lead, Manage, and be Accountable for creating advertising strategies and tactics for all clients and all channels to meet their marketing & lead generation goals.
    3. Plan & develop full-funnel & day-to-day strategy for all clients hands-on and/or using your team, in alignment with their marketing goals.
    4. Execute & optimize campaigns for all clients hands-on and/or using your team in alignment with the approved strategies.
    5. Lead, Manage & be Accountable for the quality of results & deliverables provided to clients by your delivery team.
  2. Thought Leadership
    1. Take ownership of keeping the team's technical expertise updated.
    2. Serve as the in-house digital marketing subject matter expert staying on top of trends and best practices across all channels.
    3. Stay aware of the latest platform updates,SEM and PPC trends.
    4. Be a thought leader for the technical team of PPC Specialists, Graphic Designers & Ad Copywriters.
    5. Design & Conduct Knowledge Workshops.
  3. Management
    1. Lead, Manage, and be accountable for the automation & productivity of PPC Specialists.
    2. Ensure Process Adherence in the delivery team.
    3. Improve work efficiency and lead team communication.
    4. Provide regular updates and reports about client requests and deliverables for all clients.
    5. Represent the delivery team in front of senior management.


  1. Must have 5 years of experience in a digital agency space.
  2. Proven track record of successful marketing plans, strategic planning, and campaign execution.
  3. In-depth knowledge of Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other paid advertising platforms.
  4. Formal Education in Advertising is desired, not mandatory.
  5. Working in an Agile Project Management environment is an added plus.

Must-Have Soft Skills:

  1. High Attention-to-Detail skills.
  2. Strong work ethic and positive attitude.
  3. A tech-savvy proactive mindset, self-starter, and self-motivated.
  4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  5. Experience working in a high-pressure agency environment.

Why You’ll Love Working At TA Monroe:

  1. Fully Remote
  2. Flexible schedule and time off
  3. Performance-based Bonus
  4. Belief in the service - our offer solves a huge pain point in the marketplace, and we’re considered world-class at what we do
  5. Culture is one of our top priorities. You will find a family at TA Monroe.

About the company

We are strategists and thinkers in the digital space. We specialize in helping B2B companies build world-class revenue generation engines. We think of scalability. We’re scientific about profitability. We bring our clients decades of highly specialized marketing, digital strategy, and advertising expertise.

Our Philosophy

We believe creating sustainable demand delivers better ROI. When it comes to growth marketing, we let science guide us. Our systematic approach thrives on data and is driven by expert strategists. Test & Learn is in our DNA. We bring collective insights from 5,000+ experiments to our clients. We help brands build value.